Antwerp Headquarters

Antwerp Headquarters is an investment promotion agency from the city of Antwerp. It is a cooporation between the city, the port authority and private companies.

Our mission

To attract international companies and to strengthen existent companies in the Antwerp and Port region.

Our role

To inform, facilitate and assist companies in their establishment and/or expansion of their offices and operations.

Our offer

Tailor made solutions for all investment related subjects. As a non-profit organisation our services are free of charge.

Our strength

A unique mix of public and private stakeholders that can offer their entire portfolio of services and added values to interested investors.

Our strategic sectors

  • Maritime
  • Cleantech: recycling, energy management and energy efficiency
  • Smart Logistics

Not limited to said sectors.

Contact Antwerp Headquarters

As an investment promotion agency we support foreign companies to expand, settle and do business in the Antwerp region.

Antwerp Headquarters

Port House: Zaha Hadidplein 1 - 2030 Antwerpen

(T) 0032 3 229 67 83

Thomas Fiers

(T) 0032 3 229 70 09

(M) 0032 492 45 99 21

Anh Le Hong

(T) 0032 3 229 67 85

(M) 0032 485 19 65 01

Spring 2019 was very successful for several key players from different industries in Antwerp as their work and dedication was internationally recognised and awarded.
The Antwerp port is a global player thanks to, among other, its enormous (petro)chemical cluster.

Our network

We offer strong connections with critical stakeholders in order to facilitate your business needs. Some of our partners include:


  • VOKA
    VOKA - Chamber of Commerce Antwerp-Waasland
    More info:
    The Antwerp Port Authority provides a number of services aimed at maximizing the long-term added value generated by the port of Antwerp while strengthening its global competitive position.
    More info:
  • POM - Development Authority Antwerp
    Information service regarding investment opportunities, commercial real estate and economic projects in the Province of Antwerp.
    More info:
  • Flanders Investment & Trade
    Offering free and confidential advice for businesses looking to establish or expand operations in Flanders.
    More info:
  • The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
    The executive institution for Belgian foreign policy, the Belgian Foreign Affairs network comprises some 130 embassies, consulates and representations both abroad and in Belgium.
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  • Fiscal Department for foreign Investment
    Within the Federal Public Service Finance, the Fiscal Department for Foreign Investments assists foreign investors and investors already established in Belgium on tax matters. This public service works free of charge and on a flexible, non-bureaucratic and investor oriented basis. The Department handles the projects disclosed to her in a strictly confidential way. The officials remain subjected to a strict obligation of professional secrecy.
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Antwerp Headquarters board of directors

Being a true Public Private Partnership, between the City of Antwerp on the one hand and private companies on the other, Antwerp Headquarters’ board of directors represents both the public and the private sectors, the ratio being 50/50.


  • Caroline Bastiaens, Chairman of the board of directors - Vice-mayor
  • Bart de Wever, Mayor
  • Rob Van de Velde, Vice-mayor for urban development, green and heritage
  • Marc Van Peel, Vice-mayor for port, industry and personnel
  • Koen Kennis, Vice-Mayor for finance, mobility, tourism and SME's


  • Philippe Janssens, Vice-Chairman of the board of directors - Immpact, CEO 
  • Mark Beyst, Interbuild, Commercial director
  • Ingrid Ceusters - Luyten, Hugo Ceusters, Executive President
  • Gunther Egghe, Besix-Vanhout Belgium, Commercial director
  • Luc Van Maercke, Vooruitzicht, CEO

Partnership between the City of Antwerp and private partners