Business Investdesk assistance

Would you like to invest in the city? Are you looking for a suitable location? Are you having a problem obtaining a licence?

The City of Antwerp Investment Desk offers you customised advice and support.

Investment guidance

The Investment Desk is the contact point for market players who wish to invest in the city.

Location guidance

A location manager helps entrepreneurs in their search for a location that matches their needs. Our services complement the work of real estate brokers and is geared towards helping entrepreneurs who are having trouble finding a suitable location through the private market.

Location promotion

The Investment Desk actively promotes the redevelopment of empty business and commercial premises. We launch initiatives to reduce the number of vacant properties, such as sticker campaigns, pop-up stores and targeted marketing.

Licence guidance

The Investment Desk offers guidance for your licence dossier and points you in the direction of the appropriate city service. We act as a facilitator to help you find the place you are looking for, fast.