Grants, incentives & financing opportunities

Grants & government subsidies

Both the City of Antwerp as well as the Belgian government offer many different types of grants. You can qualify when starting a business, investing in expanding your business, doing business internationally, but also for performing innovation, hiring and training employees and for environmental investments.

For a full overview there is a database listing all potential grants (in Dutch). Our business experts will happily assist you with providing this overview.

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Next to financial support there are also other incentives which Antwerp has to offer. This is a customized offering based upon your needs.

We will gladly assist you with finding the right location, people to hire, subsidies, connecting you to relevant partners and setting up synergies.

You can find a list of concrete incentives here.

Financing opportunities

Antwerp hosts a network of many financial institutions which can provide credit, next to that there is also a network of angel investors, venture capital, crowdfunding and other investment opportunities.


Depending on your specific need we will direct you to relevant organizations, get in touch to find out more.