Antwerp economic and innovation powerhouse

A pocket-sized metropolis ...

International & vibrant? Check.
Innovative & creative? Check.
Friendly & multi-cultural? Check.
Antwerp has it all. 

Located in the heart of Europe, this international metropolis is proud to be home to Europe’s second largest port and the continent’s top chemical cluster. Antwerp is also the diamond trade capital of the world and Belgium’s favourite retail destination.

... With a drive for innovation

Antwerp has a particularly strong track record in terms of innovation and trade. The city’s historical urge to innovate has turned Antwerp into a gateway to one of the world’s most prosperous regions. Antwerp is now home to highly innovative businesses, over 170 nationalities and a thriving cultural scene. Today the city is stepping up its game, with digital innovation, circularity and health forming the pillars for its future economy.