Antwerp’s Water Plan wins award

Excellent news: The Water Plan of the City of Antwerp has won the Flemish Planning Award, presented on World Town Planning Day. This award puts innovative spatial projects in the spotlight. It’s already the second time that the city of Antwerp is the winner of this award.


Water Plan to tackle climate change impact

Climate change will have a strong impact on cities, especially cities near rivers. Antwerp wants to be climate-robust in 2050 and ready to deal with consequences like rising sea level, intense droughts and floods. That’s why the city drew up a Water Plan in 2019. It provides a framework for designers, engineers, policy makers and residents to integrate water when building new streets and squares and when developing larger urban projects. Another goal is turn Antwerp into a water city again.


High praise from the jury

According to the jury, Antwerp’s Water Plan has a bold and well-considered view on an urgent and pressing problem. The jury praised the integrated approach, from a citywide vision to the local street level. There was emphasis on the fact that the plan tells the whole story, starting from Antwerp’s water history to the contemporary use of water in the city. Subsequently, it offers an answer to climate change and consequences like flooding and water shortages.

Prominent spot for water

Today, the Water Plan is already visible in the city. Water buffering and infiltration systems are considered and adopted to the full when streets and squares are reconstructed and recently, a first ‘garden street’ was opened in the city. Other achievements of the plan are: building parking lots where rainwater can infiltrate, opening up little streams and constructing basins for collecting water in parks. Wherever possible, water will get a prominent spot in future parks, squares and city buildings.

Sustainable and smart

The award for the Water Plan is proof that Antwerp is well on its way to reach its goal to become a true metropolis: sustainable and smart.

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