More than 150 million people are expected to turn their gazes to Antwerp from 9 May through 22 May, when the Sportpaleis will host the very first PGL CS:GO Major Antwerp world esports championship.

A Business Conference will take place at the same time as the tournament on 19 and 20 May. Here, entrepreneurs can gain insight into this fast-developing gaming sector and startups and scaleups can pitch projects for funding.

PGL Major Antwerp or CS:GO world championship

PGL, an experienced global leader in esports productions, is responsible for organising the Antwerp event and has been charged with managing the world championship by Valve, the game's developer and publisher. PGL has engaged META, the premier Benelux gaming and esports agency in Antwerp, to handle the organisation.

CS:GO, or Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game. The game pits two teams, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, against each other in various objective-based game modes. The game has an active esports presence that builds on previous games in the series. Teams compete internationally in professional leagues and tournaments, and Global Offensive is currently one of the most popular esports worldwide.


Want to gain insight into the many business opportunities offered by this industry? Attend the ESPORTS Revolution CONFERENCE for entrepreneurs for two full days on 19 and 20 May. The conference will bring together top esports stakeholders and include 4 topic tracks during which international experts reveal where the industry is headed and how you can become involved as an entrepreneur. The programme includes more than 30 speakers, with industry leaders, brands and technology partners.

Sign up for insights from these experts to help you define your plans. Early bird tickets are available up to April 28.

What are the conference's 4 topic tracks?

1. The global esports market.

How can brands connect? What impact can brands have within the esports industry? This topic serves as an introduction to the market, offering insights on how the industry actually works and how it is evolving.

2. Creating a local footprint for esports

Although esports is often seen as a global phenomenon, its local footprint can be equally important and even more attractive for long-term development.

From physical locations to broadcasting, events, sponsorship, marketing and communication services, the impact of esports on local industry can be extensive. As to talent acquisition and talent retention, this industry is attracting the best talent from around the globe. It is vital to for local stakeholders to have at least a basic understanding of this industry, META co-CEO Steven Leunens, explains.

3. Esports technology and infrastructure

All about the global infrastructure, service and technology providers. Whether Web 3.0, NFT, blockchain, big data, or simply the physical infrastructure necessary to use technology to its fullest potential, gaming and esports often lead the pack and pave the way. From physical stadiums to live viewer experiences or exciting software solutions, technology is ever-present in the world of esports.

4. Investments in esports

Learn what motivates investors to make the leap into esports. Additionally, six startups and scaleups who are looking for funding will have an opportunity to pitch for high profile esports investors.


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