New: premium AR-enabled coffee table book Innovate Antwerp

New: premium AR-enabled coffee table book Innovate Antwerp

Innovate Antwerp, published by The Global Village, is part of a publication series on worldwide innovative ecosystems. Antwerp is the first region in the European Union that is featured in the series. In the book, readers discover a wide range of initiatives, companies and people that focus on innovation.

Why Antwerp?

The rich history and the bustling port, Europe’s second largest, obviously play an important part in Antwerp’s success story. For centuries, Antwerp has been a meeting point for capital, large and small companies and knowledge institutions. From Christoph Plantin establishing the city as one of the world centres for printing and publishing in the 16th century to the avant-garde fashion designers of today. For many creative companies, Antwerp is the breeding ground to grow and flourish internationally.

Innovation in its DNA

Antwerp has always been a city with an open view to the world, a city where experiment is encouraged, a city where life is good. Antwerp breathes the art of living, working and doing business. Moreover, Antwerp is a city to try, fail, start again, create, discover and excel. Innovation is ingrained in its DNA.

Antwerp had many competitive advantages in a wide range of high-quality clusters:

  • digital innovation: the city is a reference in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things
  • circular economy: as a future-oriented city, Antwerp takes a lot of initiatives to ensure that citizens end visitors can enjoy a beautiful city, today and tomorrow
  • Antwerp is a matchmaker for creative businesses
  • innovation is a basic attitude in urban planning and mobility
  • education capital for 50,000 students annually
  • international art and culture city: the city of Antwerp empowers artists

If you can make it work in Antwerp, you can make it work anywhere.

Unique publication

QR-codes linking to websites, AR-video’s and an online platform. This book is a versatile marketing tool and a beautiful present for business acquaintances.

Go to to read the book digitally or order a copy (85 euro + 6% VAT + shipping costs) by sending an e-mail to the editor: Freddy Arnauts, Publishing Partner Innovations of the World.