Medical Solutions Matchmaking 2021


17h30: Welcome & introduction to the program
Welcome word from the partners to introduce the participants. Next, Claude Marinower, the Vice Mayor of Antwerp for Innovation, will highlight how the City of Antwerp fits into this program and discuss the importance of a medical start-up network.

18h00: Food truck dinner
Enjoy a fresh drink with some of the delicious meals prepared on the spot.

19h00: Start-up panel discussion
In a panel discussion, three established medical start-ups will explore the medical innovation landscape of today and will provide insights on do’s and don'ts. Moreover, they will answer all your questions on overcoming the challenges in becoming a successful start-up, and on working together with or investing in medical start-ups.

20h30: Winner announcement & networking
Next, we’ll announce the top three and the all-round winner of the Medical Solutions Accelerator 2021. Curious to know who’s in the running? Discover this year’s participants! Afterwards, you can connect with the start-ups and other successful medical companies in the networking event.


Medical Solutions Accelerator is an initiative of the City of Antwerp, UZA, BlueHealth Innovation Center, University of Antwerp and Verhaert.


Dunden (De Serre) - Antwerp


Want to meet medical entrepreneurs and innovators to collaborate with or learn from their experiences? Eager to build your network? Or are you looking for new medical companies to invest in?

Medical innovation is challenging for many reasons: from specific market needs and regulations, to trials and user experience. That’s why we want to honour the accomplishments and build on the learnings of successful medical entrepreneurs.

To celebrate the end of this year’s Medical Solutions Accelerator, we want to bring medical companies, start-ups, inventors and investors under one roof to meet and learn from each other, and build a flourishing medical ecosystem.

Please take note: a no-show fee of €50 will be charged when not showing up after registration.