The true potential of innovation


In five interactive debate sessions, fifteen experts will deliver their insights and ideas on how innovation can change your business.

Thursday, May 6
9:30 - Valorising academic medical technology
9:55 - Breakthrough optical product development (with Lambda-X)
10:20 - From space technology to earthly applications (with the European Space Agency)
10:50 - Ten challenges of artificial intelligence
11:15 - Technology built upon the opinion of its users (with imec)




The world is on the verge of a new technological era. We are constantly making cutting-edge breakthroughs in engineering, mobility, space technology, opticals, algorithms and more. But do all these innovations immediately lead to a more powerful product or successful business? Recognising and applying these technologies is the only way to move towards a state-of-the-art product or service, while the integration is far from easy.

In this exciting webinar you will learn all about enabling technologies that boost your applications, services and ideas. No less than fifteen experts in breakthrough innovation, space technology, business development, valorisation, artificial intelligence and medical technology will give their take upon insightful cases and the race towards innovation.

Discover how technological partners and universities team up with Verhaert, in order to boost innovation and overcome the challenges of the future.