Verhaert InnoDays


    Tuesday 16 November 2021 • MyFutureProduct

    New products need to answer the strong, rising demand of digital, more sustainable products and business models. Development methods and tools need adaptation to address these new focuses, while at the same time allowing to speed up the time-to-market even more.

    • 9h00: Agility in innovation to maximize speed
    • 9h30: Edge Computing, AI & IoT enabling truly new applications
    • 9h55: Gear up your products for sustainability
    • 10h25: Design for all senses
    • 10h50: The perfect brew. The perfect serve. The perfect product.

    Wednesday 17 November 2021 • MyTechnology

    Robots, connected products, AI-enabled MEMS and longer battery life designs are new key technologies for market-leading companies. Each of them brings new design challenges to enable to new applications. Development approaches and strategies have shifted accordingly to meet these new challenges.

    • 9h00: Robotic innovation, the intersection of our digital & physical realm
    • 9h30: IoT cloud architecture
    • 9h55: High-current battery-powered handheld devices
    • 10h25: Technology building blocks as benefit for agility in development
    • 10h50: Creating true smart homes & appliances powered by edge AI

    Thursday 18 November 2021 • MyInnovationFactory

    Organisations will only solve world problems by developing new methods for new markets: COVID-19 pointed it out clearly. Organisations need to adapt their IR&D structure and talent to accommodate new challenges, opposed from new occurring market needs or even new markets. Tailoring an organisation to a specific innovation focus is a prerequisite, whether this concerns IOT, personalised medicine or sustainability.

    • 9h30: Systemic design, a framework for tackling wicked problems
    • 9h55: Improving the adoption & uptake of medical technology innovations
    • 10h25: Adjacant innovation, efficient proof-of-concept considerations
    • 10h50: N=1/R=G The driving formula for collaborative innovation



    Online event


    In many areas, we face new societal problems which can only be solved when markets adapt. During the Verhaert InnoDays, you will receive the answer to questions concerning innovation, sustainability, digitisation and new technologies.

    InnoDays is an online event that features 15 webinars during 3 distinctive days:

    • MyFutureProduct – How to develop user-centered, digital & sustainable products
    • MyTechnology – How to tackle design challenges for new technology applications
    • MyInnovationFactory – How to transform innovation methods to accommodate new challenges & market need