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StartupVillage is a unique site in the city centre, at the heart of Antwerp’s startup movement. It provides local startups with a 24/7 business environment, affordable office space, and a readily available network of knowledge and business expertise.

The premises provide office space for innovative ‘scale-up’ businesses, in addition to housing a startup incubator, an accelerator and a digital research centre. On the ground floor, a business and event lounge offers networking events, workshops, a place to eat and an inspiring atmosphere.

Who can you connect with in StartupVillage?

  • The CoFoundry: When new entrepreneurs lack the knowledge and/or resources to achieve their goals, The CoFoundry steps in, helping startups bring their product to a larger audience and gaining a stronger foothold in the market. The CoFoundry offers expertise in all sectors, but specializes in eHealth (see ‘BlueHealth Innovation Center’) and logistics.
  • The BlueHealth Innovation Center aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare by organizing activities to trigger innovation as well as by supporting young companies active in the domain of ehealth and mhealth. To achieve this goal, the BHIC collaborates with partners across the industry. This could be government agencies, technology companies, healthcare institutes, pharma companies and insurers.
  • imec: Flemish research powerhouse imec, renowned for its experience in nanotechnology and digital technologies, is assisting the City of Antwerp in its transformation into a an Internet of Things playground. StartupVillage is the base of operations of City of Things, a vast network of sensors and gateways offering the ultimate testing ground for developers of smart city solutions. City of Things wil put Antwerp on the map as the biggest ‘Living Lab’ in Europe. Startups looking to test a product or service can do so here freely, in connection with imec and local user panels. It goes without saying: this drastically lowers costs and improves the ‘go-to-market’ speed.

More info

Contact: Investdesk, City of Antwerp,, +32 3 338 65 20


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Antwerp firmly believes startups should get enough oxygen to grow and internationalize. That’s why it decided to set up StartupVillage.
On 31 May 2017, the City of Antwerp officially opened its StartupVillage.