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Financial Times includes Antwerp in rankings of most attractive business cities in the world

Antwerp is making major progress as an international city for businesses and investments. The city has been included, for the very first time, in the renowned ‘Global Cities of The Future 2018/19’ ranking of the Financial Times.

The ranking awards Antwerp a third place for ‘connectivity’ in the category ‘large cities’, ahead of cities such as Copenhagen, Helsinki and Seattle. Antwerp also wins a ‘fDi Strategy Award’ for encouraging innovation, featuring on the list of innovative business cities such as Barcelona, Glasgow and Bogota.
The University of Antwerp is joining forces with seven other universities from as many different European countries to launch the first European University. Together they form the YUFE alliance, Young Universities for the Future of Europe.
The Belgian headquarters of= Kraft Heinz, the fifth largest food and drinks manufacturer in the world, has relocated to Antwerp.
Spring 2019 was very successful for several key players from different industries in Antwerp as their work and dedication was internationally recognised and awarded.
On Friday 21 June, thirty participants at Smart City The Hague went on an excursion to Antwerp.
Whereas in the past diamond companies were taxed on their profits, as is the case under corporate income tax, the Carat Tax is calculated on their turnover.
The Beacon, the innovative hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), has launched a new concept - “Get Connected”.
One hundred years ago this year, Antwerp diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky published his thesis on the perfect round cut for diamonds: the Tolkowsky Brilliant.
A deep dive into the best of what Antwerp has to offer in terms of art, design, technology and innovation – that’s precisely what D.A.T.E. (Discover Antwerp Through Experience) offers creatives from around the world.
Between 7-9 May, Antwerp is the host city for breakbulk professionals from all over the world during Antwerp XL. This new three-day conference brings leading players and companies together from all around the world to show off new products, discuss trends and discover technologies and innovations. This showcase confirms Antwerp's role as the breakbulk port for Europe.
Antwerp is increasingly recognised as an ecosystem for digital innovation on a global scale. The recently published Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019 (GSER2019) by Startup Genome defines Antwerp as an early globalising ecosystem for startups, with a global Top 30 position for funding and a higher than average ecosystem value. The report is a confirmation of the strong ambitions of Antwerp to become a reference hub for digital innovation in Europe.
In 2018, Antwerp had twice as many start-ups and scale-ups than in 2012. This is a remarkable finding: in 2018, these innovative companies raised up to four times more capital for their business growth than six years earlier. With this, the city of Antwerp demonstrates a clear ambition: within six years, the city wants to occupy a place in the European top 10 scale-up cities.
On 14 and 15 May international experts and entrepreneurs are coming together at FutureSummits in Antwerp to discuss the future of Artificial Intelligence. FutureSummits is a technology event organised by the leading research and innovation centre imec. “Artificial Intelligence will make our way of working and living more efficient for entrepreneurs, residents and cities”, explains John Baekelmans, Vice President of imec. It’s no coincidence that FutureSummits is taking place in Antwerp. imec believes Antwerp has a pioneering role to play in AI as the smart city of Flanders.