Antwerp and diamonds, a marriage of more than 570 years.

The bond between the City of Antwerp and the gemstone extends beyond the economic aspect. No other city in the world houses four diamond exchanges, controls 86% ​​of the world's trade in rough diamonds and 50% of the trade in polished diamonds. The creative sector in Antwerp also knows how to hold diamonds in her heart. DIVA, the diamond museum in Antwerp, allows visitors to discover a beautiful universe full of diamonds, jewellery and goldsmith's art.

In 2019, the Antwerp jewellery designer duo Wouters & Hendrix exists 35 years. Until February the 16th, visitors of DIVA can discover what astonishes and inspires these internationally acclaimed designers. As guest curators for the ‘Wonderkamer’ in the DIVA museum, Wouters & Hendrix display their most iconic jewels from their own archive.