Antwerp builds the city of tomorrow

Cities face major economic, ecological and urban development challenges. In order to be prepared in the best possible way for the 'city of tomorrow', Antwerp is launching a raft of innovative projects which are included in a new publication on urban development in Antwerp.  

Challenges for Antwerp

Central to urban development in Antwerp is the following challenge: how can the city continue to attract and retain two-income couples, families, entrepreneurs and visitors? And how to accommodate everyone in a sustainable and viable way?

Broadly-accepted process

A large number of stakeholders, such as city planners, residents and organizations, have pondered this crucial task since 2016. Through information sessions and thematic workgroups, valuable and broadly-accepted solutions have been formulated. 

Book reveals Antwerp’s urban renewal

In the book 'Antwerp city of tomorrow. The renewal of urban renewal' you will discover the vision of Antwerp's urban development policy. You will read, among other things, how the city creates additional living space, how the city is catching up on its amenities for young families, how new work environments are being created and the city’s sustainability is being improved. The book is available in English and Dutch

Also active at European level

The city of Antwerp actively addresses urban development themes at European level, too, by building up knowledge and exploring solutions with European partners. Some examples of projects in which Antwerp plays a leading role include:

  •  Sub-urban. Reinventing the fringe: Antwerp plays the lead role in this Urbact project that focuses on urban densification and the challenges involved;
  • Sustainable Use of Land and Nature-Based Solutions: Together with EU Member States, the European Commission and other European cities, Antwerp is focusing on European policy on the sustainable use of space;
  • Urban Water Agenda 2030: working with the European Commission to develop the European urban water strategy.