Antwerp in Courier magazine: a startup revolution in the heart of Belgium

The city of Antwerp has a strong track record in fostering innovation, creating the ideal business climate for tech and creative startups. This has not gone unnoticed by UK magazine Courier who recently published a full article on 'Why set up a business in Antwerp?'

In its article Courier proclaims that “Antwerp may be a small city, but it packs one hell of a punch”. The business magazine highlights how Antwerp is experiencing a true ‘startup revolution’. This is fostered by the innovating business initiatives that are organised in the city, the availability and diversity of (collaborative) workspaces, and the truly international yet compact character of the city.     

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'Why set up a business in Antwerp?' by Courier to find out more about the unique entrepreneurial opportunities Antwerp has to offer and stories of locals who have already started their business in Antwerp.

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