Antwerp diamond city: agility leads to innovation

The coronavirus impacts all entrepreneurs. It forces them to look for innovative solutions to stay competitive. This also applies to the Antwerp diamond sector, where digitalisation stimulates more innovative transactions, cutting techniques and quality regulations.

It should come as no surprise that the Antwerp diamond sector succeeded in adapting to a changing economic situation, thanks to the agility of its entrepreneurs.

High definition inspections

One of the major diamond tender houses in Antwerp, Koin International, developed a virtual system for the inspection of the goods. Thanks to this innovation the company could keep selling rough diamonds to manufacturers. Whilst air traffic was still prohibited, the company developed an extremely high-quality video stream which guaranteed a lifelike experience for the inspection of rough diamonds. Their virtual viewings offer crucial information for buyers and preserve the ability to distinguish the purity and colour of the rough materials without the need for physical interaction.

Computerised cutting

Younger players in the diamond sector also benefit from the digital world to improve their standard methods. HB Antwerp is one of the new kids on the block that innovated their cutting techniques by using robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain. This innovation even brought their entire manufacturing process back to Antwerp. Moreover, HB Antwerp set a new deal with world renowned diamond producer Lucara Diamond: they became the exclusive buyer for all raw diamonds of at least 10,8 carat.

Like this, HB Antwerp is thriving enormously: the company will recruit an entire new batch of engineers, lasering professionals and supply chain experts in the next months. In addition, HB Antwerp will take over the entire Antwerp staff and technical facilities of diamond manufacturer AMC. HB Antwerp fortifies its position in the diamond industry likewise, by merging expertise and innovation on all levels.

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Inside the Antwerp diamond exchange
Antwerp diamond exchange: now online

The Antwerp diamond sector has a deeply-rooted history as an industry of supreme craftsmanship. When social distancing became the new standard, the sector found new ways to keep all levels of trade active. Contemporary digital techniques changed the most robust and artisanal modus operandi and innovated the sector towards a new future.

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