Antwerp strengthens central location with strong growth rates at Flanders International Airport Antwerp

Antwerp manages to capitalize on its connectivity in Europe, as demonstrated by impressive growth figures from Antwerp Airport. Business flights from and to London City Airport are the most popular.

In January 2020, the airport welcomed 28,8% more travellers than during the same month last year. Almost 20 000 passengers chose Antwerp Airport in January of this year, versus 15 464 in 2019. This all despite the fact that the demand for flights is, on average, lower in January. The main factor for this increase is the popularity of the business flights to London City. The ‘on time performance’ (OTP) of Antwerp Airport is excellent and remains stable at 98,6%. 

Antwerp’s superb connectivity

These growth rates highlight Antwerp’s superb connectivity in Europe. Apart from Antwerp Airport itself, passengers from business and commercial flights have the opportunity to choose from 6 other airports within 130km distance; Maastricht Aachen Airport, Eindhoven Airport, Ostend-Bruges International Airport, Liège Airport, Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. 

In addition, the high-speed train station takes passengers to major cities in France, the Netherlands, Germany and England within just a few hours. To top it off, our city has the second largest port in Europe – 11th largest in the world – and almost all of Europe’s production centres are located closest to Antwerp. It’s no surprise that for several years now, Antwerp has been praised by fDi when it comes to connectivity, and that this year, the city was named the 5th best connected city in Europe. 

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