City of Antwerp present at 25th edition of MAPIC

The city of Antwerp cannot be missed at the 25th edition of the most important retail trade show in Europe: MAPIC. Retailers, investors, and cities such as Antwerp will be gathering in Cannes from 13-15 November. And just like previous years, the city of Antwerp wants to use its presence at the show to convince retailers and investors of its strengths as a retail city, thereby increasing its international visibility as a location worthy of investment.

Strong retail assets

During the MAPIC conference, the city of Antwerp will be a guest at the breakfast meeting: “Retail ... what else?” During the breakfast, organised by Retail Forum Belgium, trends will be tested with the MAPIC audience. Questions to be discussed include, “How can a city offer an attractive retail climate to investors?” and “If cities divide their city centres into core atmospheric areas, does this innovative approach offer economic added value for retailers?

All retailers must embrace the challenges of this “new retail” in order to take care of their clients and to survive. In these changing times, the city of Antwerp offers a world of opportunities.

Nr. 1 retail destination in Belgium
17 million shoppers per yer in city's busiest shopping street

60% of Europe's purchasing power within 500 km radius

Diverse and unique shopping locations & developments
Competitive rental prices


“Antwerp continues to be a retail hub”

The strong assets have not escaped the notice of FDI Intelligence, The Financial Times magazine. In an article about Antwerp as a retail city – “Antwerp benefits from retail rethink” – they bundle the facts & figures together with testimonials from investors. “As shoppers, retailers and investors will find an easy experience and much on offer in Antwerp’s retail sector, it's no wonder the city continues to be a retail hub in the Benelux region,” concludes FDI Intelligence.


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