Financial Times includes Antwerp in rankings of most attractive business cities in the world

Antwerp is making major progress as an international city for businesses and investments. The city has been included, for the very first time, in the renowned ‘Global Cities of The Future 2018/19’ ranking of the Financial Times. The ranking awards Antwerp a third place for ‘connectivity’ in the category ‘large cities’, ahead of cities such as Copenhagen, Helsinki and Seattle. Antwerp also wins a ‘fDi Strategy Award’ for encouraging innovation, featuring on the list of innovative business cities such as Barcelona, Glasgow and Bogota. 

Prestigious world rankings for business cities

The ‘Global Cities of the Future’ ranking of fDi Intelligence, the Financial Times’ knowledge centre on foreign direct investments, is the most prestigious ranking for business cities worldwide. Every other year a team of experts compares more than 120 cities in relation to their potential for international entrepreneurship and investment. Since 2015 Antwerp has been moving up the European rankings of fDi Intelligence and now appears, for the very first time, in the global ranking of ‘large cities’ (cities with 500,000 to 750,000 inhabitants). The ‘fDi Strategy Awards’ are the prizes for cities’ innovation and investment policies. fDi Intelligence evaluates the submissions of 110 cities worldwide. Following its 6th place for strategy in the ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future’ ranking of 2018/19, Antwerp wins this year for the first time a global ‘fDi Strategy Award’.  

Connectivity and encouraging innovation

With the third place for connectivity fDi Intelligence recognises the excellent connections of Antwerp with the world, both physical and digital. The ranking commends the presence of the port and nearby airports, the quality of the rail and road network, the high-quality digital infrastructure and the share of the population that is digitally connected. The ‘fDi Strategy Award’ for encouraging innovation is a great recognition for the major efforts the City of Antwerp and its business partners are undertaking to encourage innovative entrepreneurship and attract new investments. The projects  StartupVillage, a temporary hub for digital growth businesses, and the transformation of Antwerp into a ‘living lab’ for City of Things, with a physical anchor in the innovation hub The Beacon, proved to be decisive for the jury.

Fantastic recognition for Antwerp

“These awards reward the policy put in place to develop Antwerp into an innovative and attractive business city” according to mayor Bart De Wever. “They underline our ambition to be competitive with trendsetting innovative cities in Europe.” Alderman for economy Caroline Bastiaens sees the fDi rankings as a clear sign of Antwerp’s desire to keep on making progress. “Antwerp continues to innovate. It is this effort in the domain of renewal and innovation which creates the ideal climate to do business and invest in Antwerp. That has now been recognised on an international scale.”

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