Innovation hub The Beacon keeps on growing: the latest members uncovered

Lively community

In the course of two years, the Beacon community has grown to a network of more than 80 members. On a regular basis, these companies are brought together so they can develop solutions for the city, the port and the industry of the future. Despite the lack of physical contact in these times, The Beacon makes sure the community remains lively. On Thursday the 9th of November, the latest members of the community introduced themselves and their innovative solutions during a virtual session.

Managing your buildings and assets better and more efficiently with a digital twin? Yes, that’s the roadmap to a Smart Building. As a result of their arsenal of appliances and their know-how as a mapping partner for Digital Twins, MEET HET is able to make fully digital replicas of objects, industrial zones and large buildings. MEET HET is a land surveyor organization with a strong focus on innovation. They are a one-stop shop for geodata. MEET HET decided to join The Beacon because they believe the network is a place for cross-pollination with other specialists.

Digi-Flow focuses on industrial automatization and the digitalization thereof. By enriching existing platforms with new technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they support companies in their transformation to Smart Factories (Industry 4.0). They strongly believe that companies who invest in this transformation, will achieve a higher business and human level. Digi-Flow focuses on services and aims to co-create. That’s why they want surround themselves with other partners in The Beacon. By investing in know-how and in partnerships, they aim to be a future-proof partner for their clients.

Mosmuur grew from a small shop in Antwerp – called Nada – to a company that designs and installs unique green walls and interior planting. Mosmuur also invests in innovative research, like in air purification. Today, you can already admire a lot of Mosmuur’s creations in The Beacon. In Crauwelengang, a small alley across the street of The Beacon, Mosmuur is furnishing a large space, where they want to open a joinery, a studio and a workshop in 2021. Members of The Beacon will be welcome to co-create in this new space.

Cubitec is a scale-up company with an office in Jan Van Rijswijcklaan. They build digital customer portals, where all data of a company can be centralized. By putting the customer central in this digital experience, new insights and possibilities pop up. Cubitec joined The Beacon in the hope of finding partners with complementary competences, so they can build strong solutions together. 

In 2021 a whole new space will appear on The Beacon’s ground floor: Makerspace Antwerpen. In this meeting space, city lab and studio, companies, organizations and citizens will be able to work together to create solutions for a stronger city. The Beacon’s members are of course also very welcome in Makerspace Antwerpen to make their ideas concrete.

Smart and useful solutions for city, port and industry

During the virtual session it became quickly clear that The Beacon’s community is very committed and motivated. Members ask each other questions, exchange contact details and make specific plans. It’s obvious, The Beacon is not just a building where innovative companies have an office. It’s a relevant project where sharing knowledge and ideas are key. And that ultimately leads to smart and useful solutions for city, port and industry.

The Beacon’s strong ecosystem, supported by the city of Antwerp

Together with the Port of Antwerp, the University of Antwerp, constructor of the Oosterweel link Lantis, research organization imec and Agoria, the city of Antwerp is a partner of The Beacon. The city of Antwerp dedicates itself to digital networks and the development of an ecosystem for digital innovation, where large and small companies, start-ups and scale-ups, researchers, government and lenders find each other. The city is convinced that this cross-pollination has the power to innovate the industry in a sustainable way. And that results in a strong international position, new business and more jobs.

Are you a start-up, a scale-up or an innovative company and do you feel like joining The Beacon’s strong ecosystem? Discover the possibilities:

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The Beacon in Antwerp, home of start-ups, scale-ups, researchers and tech companies
The Beacon in Antwerp, home of start-ups, scale-ups, researchers and tech companies