Kraft Heinz relocates its Belgian headquarters to Antwerp

The Belgian headquarters of= Kraft Heinz, the fifth largest food and drinks manufacturer in the world, has relocated to Antwerp. The brand has high ambitions, which is why it wanted to move to a location in a city, that is geographically accessible and attracts new talent. Kraft Heinz found these assets in Antwerp.

The American food and drinks manufacturer Kraft Heinz recently relocated its Belgian headquarters to Antwerp. The Kraft Heinz Company is the second largest food and drinks manufacturer in the United States and the fifth largest in the world. The company markets over 200 brands in 200 countries, and has a turnover of just under USD 28 billion. It needed a new location to support its growth. The company settled on Antwerp, more specifically the innovative MeetDistrict work concept, near the station.

Kraft Heinz moves to Antwerp because it is a vibrant city, that is easily accessible. They found premises near Berchem, so employees no longer have to make the commute by car. During their lunch break or after hours, they can enjoy the many facilities the city has to offer. Kraft Heinz is within walking distance of the unique Middelheim Museum statue garden in the city’s Nachtegalenpark. An additional reason that swayed Kraft Heinz in Antwerp’s favour is the war for talent. Recent graduates and new talent tend to be more interested in offices in cities.

Carlos Faria, Managing Director Kraft Heinz Benelux, is delighted with Kraft Heinz’s move to Antwerp: “We are very enthusiastic about this new location. We want to achieve our ambitions and pursue our growth and innovation. This meant creating more connections to promote local partnerships. We have noticed that our employees feel good here and their well-being always comes first.”

In 2018, Antwerp had twice as many start-ups and scale-ups than in 2012. This is a remarkable finding: in 2018, these innovative companies raised up to four times more capital for their business growth than six years earlier. With this, the city of Antwerp demonstrates a clear ambition: within six years, the city wants to occupy a place in the European top 10 scale-up cities.
In 2020 BlueChem is opening its doors in eco-effective business park Blue Gate Antwerp. The incubator will offer a place to around fifteen young firms and SMEs which focus on sustainable chemistry. After Houston, Antwerp has the largest cluster of chemical firms in the world. The proximity of the Port of Antwerp, the central location in Europe and the large availability of expertise in chemistry in Flanders makes the old Petroleum South an ideal location for BlueChem.
The Energy Observer was docked in the Port of Antwerp from 21 to 29 March 2019. The Energy Observer is the first vessel in the world running on hydrogen, generated from seawater and produced using the energy extracted from 130 m² of solar panels and 2 wind turbines. This is the perfect chance for the Port of Antwerp to highlight energy transition over these nine days.