Participate in a sponsored innovation programme and future-proof your diamond business

More than 1.600 registered diamond companies in 1 square mile around Antwerp’s Central Station, four diamond bourses, 26.000 indirect and 6.000 direct jobs… the diamond industry is a crucial part of Antwerp’s economy. However, in times of accelerated digitalisation, the industry cannot rest on its laurels. Today, diamond companies and jewellers should do what they can to future-proof their business.

New insights and unexpected opportunities

There are a lot of growth opportunities: digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things offer plenty of possibilities to renew the industry, specifically in the field of traceability, online platforms and screening. Naturally, it is not easy for company owners to be up to date with all developments, let alone to make the right decisions. Why wouldn’t you entrust an experienced expert to critically evaluate your company? A collaboration with a professional will surely lead to new insights and unexpected opportunities.

Innovation programme with 'Verhaert | Masters in Innovation'

Good news: the city of Antwerp wants to help you with your innovation ideas by giving you the opportunity to work together with innovation group ‘Verhaert | Masters in Innovation’. They have expertise in service design, digital business models, AI, automation, open innovation and more… and they are specialised in methodology and guidance development. The ultimate goal is to accomplish innovation in your company, innovation that also has an impact on other companies. Simultaneously 'Verhaert | Masters in Innovation' will map the innovation needs of the  industry, as the groundwork for a  future-proof ecosystem for diamond in Antwerp.

The innovation programme with 'Verhaert | Masters in Innovation' is sponsored by the city of Antwerp and free of charge for you company. Do you want to apply? Fill out this form. 

Don’t wait too long

Don’t wait too long, because every year there’s only room for five companies to participate.

Or, does your company have a specific need or are you struggling with other challenges? On this webpage you will read how the city of Antwerp can help you with innovations for a specific company need and how to request an innovation voucher to tackle your issues together with a creative expert