Pioneering eco-friendly project for solar heat in the port of Antwerp

A unique technology, never used in Europe before. With a new solar mirror park, realized in the port area, the Port of Antwerp is taking another step forward in the realization of its sustainability ambition. An ambition that FDI Intelligence, the magazine of The Financial Times, has noticed: "Antwerp positions itself as a beacon of sustainability and innovation."

Today the solar mirror park, build by the energy company AZTEQ, has been officially inaugurated. This ground-breaking heat technology that has never been used in Europe before, generates green heat based on concentrated solar power. It is just one of the many initiatives, supported by the Port Authority, that are being taken in the development of the port of Antwerp as a sustainable port. The Port Authority has the ambition to profile the port of Antwerp as the leader in the field of sustainability in the Hamburg - Le Havre range.

Recently, fDi Magazine published a special about Antwerp, based on 27 interviews with captains of industry in Antwerp. The article states: The port authority is ensuring it is at the forefront of innovations to reduce its environmental impact in areas such as carbon capture storage and utilisation, hydrogen fuel cells and renewable energy.”

Erwin Verstraelen, chief digital information and innovation officer at the Port of Antwerp in the fDi special about Antwerp: “A fairly important cornerstone in our strategy is that we are committed to be a frontrunner in sustainability, because we have the competency, the know-how and the network to achieve climate objectives.” Discover more about Antwerp & read the full special via the following link.

The Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Award rewards SMEs with the most impact on sustainable development abroad.
Recently, fDi Magazine published a special about Antwerp, based on interviews with prominent captains of industry located in the city.
The first circular business park of Flanders, offering a healthy breeding ground for innovation companies, is a fact.