How can we help you?

  • The City of Antwerp offers you customised advice on your business. Here you’ll find an overview of all the business support services that the city offers for starters.
  • Appointing an international employee? In certain cases, employers are eligible for relocation assistance provided by the city of Antwerp.
  • Would you like to invest in the city? Are you looking for a suitable location? Do you have questions on where to start? Do you know the tax benefits you may be eligible for, or the support & networking services we provide? We believe in a solid partnership at the start to help you achieve maximum value.
  • Are you looking for a location in Antwerp to film a scene from your movie, TV-production, advertisement, promotional film or final project for your degree? Or do you need to apply to get permission for your production? The “film team” (filmcel) from the city of Antwerp can help.
  • The City of Antwerp can provide customised guidance with various aspects of starting your business here in Antwerp. From finding the right talent over information about mobility and roadworks, the City of Antwerp is a trusted partner.
  • Would you like to build or renovate your business premises? For this you’ll need a permit, which will be issued once your plans comply with the city’s planning regulations.
  • Antwerp is a great destination for your meeting or convention. Whether your next meeting is hybrid, multihub or live, Antwerp has everything you need to make it a success. Find out how we can assist you. Together, we make it happen!

Got a question?

Our team is happy to help you with any questions or enquiries you might have. Please get in touch with our InvestDesk for tailored advice to your needs.