Practical assistance and services

The City of Antwerp can provide customised guidance with various aspects of starting your business here in Antwerp. From finding the right talent over information about mobility and roadworks, the City of Antwerp is a trusted partner. 

Finding the right talent

Can’t seem to find the right employees for the vacancies you are trying to fill? The City of Antwerp can provide customised guidance in your search for the right candidates.

Customised guidance for filling vacancies

The City of Antwerp works closely with local educational institutes and organisations from the various labour sectors. We bring you in contact with our partners to help you broaden your recruitment channels.

We’ve helped companies such as LIDL, Forever 21 and Studio 100 fill difficult vacancies. We work with the VDAB to provide targeted screening of candidates, and if necessary, we organise induction training for your new employees.

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Tel: 03 338 65 20

Organising events

Are you looking for a meeting or conference venue in Antwerp? The city can give you customised guidance in finding just the right spot for your event. 

The City of Antwerp has all you need to organise your meeting, conference or event. The “meetings team” of the city’s Tourism and Events arm can help you develop the perfect programme for your participants. Thanks to seamless cooperation with local partners, the city ensures that your event runs flawlessly from start to finish.


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Mobility and road works

Are you looking for the most efficient home-work commute and business travel for your staff? The City of Antwerp can help you plan these trips in the most sustainable and efficient way.

A transport plan for your business encourages the use of public transport, corporate buses, carpooling, cycling and travel on foot. Car park management and a more efficient use of company cars can be part of this plan as well. The City of Antwerp will help you find the best combination of transport options.

Parking in Antwerp

For everything you need to know about parking in the City of Antwerp, please visit

Or you can consult the city’s interactive street map which gives you an overview of:

  • Pay-parking zones that apply near your business
  • Paying car parks
  • Peripheral car parks (Park and Ride)
  • Taxi stands
The City of Antwerp offers you customised advice on your business. Here you’ll find an overview of all the business support services that the city offers for starters.
Appointing an international employee? In certain cases, employers are eligible for relocation assistance provided by the city of Antwerp.
Are you looking for a location in Antwerp to film a scene from your movie, TV-production, advertisement, promotional film or final project for your degree? Or do you need to apply to get permission for your production? The “film team” (filmcel) from the city of Antwerp can help.
The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the world's largest trade fair about cities and smart urban solutions. The city of Antwerp presents its urban innovations aimed at creating a sustainable society.
The harbour cities of Antwerp and Singapore have a lot in common. Not just because of their link to the water, but also because they resolutely opt for digital innovation and the Internet of Things.
The world's largest cluster congress is coming to Antwerp. Between 8 - 10 October, our city will host the 2019 TCI Network Global Conference, a cluster event for business leaders, academics and representatives from various governments.