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CIVITAS PORTIS was a 4-year mobility project between 5 European cities. Thanks to a multi-faceted approach, Antwerp was able to improve urban and port mobility, traffic flow, road safety and quality of life.
For more than five centuries Antwerp has been the largest diamond centre in the world. To remain the world centre for diamonds, the city of Antwerp wants to help the industry to innovate. Take a close look at your company together with an expert and come up with innovative projects with an impact on the whole industry.
Antwerp start-ups Geckomatics and Condugo had the opportunity to participate in UnternehmerTUM. They talk about the benefits of this programme and how it helps start-ups to expand globally.
Antwerp-based start-up Qpinch was announced the winner of Get in the Ring Antwerp. Their radically innovative heat pump technology earns them a ticket to the Global Meetup in Montreal.
On Tuesday October 20th, the 5th Antwerp Startup Fair took place, a leading matchmaking event between high potential talent and internships and job openings at tech startups. This year, talent and startups met online for the first time. The city of Antwerp also contributed to the success.
The 3rd edition of the 5th Conference in Antwerp is a networking event for e-health professionals. Keynote speaker and power lady Jessica Federer explains why it’s so important to invest in e-health and why she believes Antwerp is a perfect location for this conference.
The city of Antwerp invests € 1 million in smart solutions.
Being at the centre of Western Europe, Belgium offers an excellent environment for European business affairs. Meanwhile, its city of Antwerp contains the second-largest European port, making the city the ideal ground of operations for international organisations with ambition. According to Steven De Haes, Dean of Antwerp Management School, his school can both benefit from and contribute to Antwerp’s strong economic position.
Discover the myriad opportunities that innovative Antwerp offers your business in this comprehensive brochure.
Digitalisation boosts diamond sector in challenging times.
Amongst 120 projects in the search for innovative solutions for the COVID-19 crisis, 3 start-ups from Antwerp with high-tech-products were selected.
Additional government funding for University of Antwerp’s vaccine studies.