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Synthetic diamonds have been on the rise in recent years. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. But if a customer wants to buy a natural diamond, the seller needs to be able to guarantee authenticity. The new ASSURE Programme in Antwerp validates devices that separate natural diamonds from synthetic ones.
Sometimes you need an outsider’s perspective to see things in a different light. British author Michael Pye wrote a highly readable book about Antwerp.
Antwerp acts as a living laboratory for innovative digital and technological applications, products and services.
Are you planning to organise a meeting or convention in Antwerp? In a new info sheet and on the new pages of the visit website you can find out how we can help you to make your meeting a success.
The coronavirus struck a blow at the worldwide office market. Antwerp aims to recover rapidly. Its many assets attract international companies. This lively city at the heart of the European economy combines highly qualified personnel with affordable office space.
To continue to be frontrunner in the area of digital services, the City of Antwerp launches a ground-breaking digital transformation strategy.
This year, Antwerp was a prominent guest at the World Cities Summit in Singapore. In a 30 minute video, Antwerp presented The Big Link: a project where participation, smooth traffic, climate resilience and quality of life come together.
Innovate Antwerp, published by The Global Village, is part of a publication series on worldwide innovative ecosystems. Antwerp is the first region in the European Union that is featured in the series. In the book, readers discover a wide range of initiatives, companies and people that focus on innovation.
Antwerp protects itself against climate change through an Urban Waterplan. With it, Antwerp won the Climate Proof Award. And a place at the Digital World Water Congress.
Boortmalt is the world leader malting company. Thanks to breakthrough technology developed by Antwerp scale-up Qpinch, Boortmalt will reuse heat in its Antwerp plant, leading to reduction of emissions and energy consumption.
One year after opening, BlueChem, the first incubator for sustainable chemistry in Belgium, has generated impressive figures and made significant achievements. With 18 tenants - 10 start-ups, 6 international chemical companies, and innovation partners Catalisti and VITO - the occupancy level has exceeded expectations.
The city of Antwerp is calling for innovative, digital concepts that will upgrade the Groenplaats and strongly promote Antwerp as a smart city.