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Affordable office spaces in outstanding locations

Antwerp’s recent growth has created a wide array of available work spaces, ranging from old industrial buildings to new developments, both in the heart of the city and at its outer edges. Sustainable production facilities, state-of-the art R&D departments, and innovative entrepreneurs all find their home in this modest city with big ambitions. Take a location hunting tour with us! 

Berchem Station

Zones for large-scale new office development are top locations for offices. The Berchem station area is an excellent example, as is the area around Antwerpen-Centraal train station. Berchem is ideally located on the edge of the city, close to the train station, the Antwerp ring road and Antwerp Airport. Here, office space can be found in beautiful mansions, in business centres and in modern new developments next to the station and on the Singel. 

Central Station

Discover the world at Antwerpen-Centraal station with fast train connections to Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris. This strategic office location offers a wide range of office types with small well-secured locations in the Diamantwijk and modern large-scale office developments next to the station and on the Mediaplein in the Kievit district. There are also a variety of coworking spaces and business centres within walking distance. 

Joan Van Loon

"We wanted a co-location space tailored to growth. Not traditional office spaces, but a location for creative, dynamic, innovative profiles. MeetDistrict The Link was ultimately chosen.

Joan Van Loon

Innovative City Port

Mexico-eiland and Kempeneiland with Asiadok and Steenborgerweert will become an Innovatieve Stadshaven (ISH) or ‘Innovative City Port’ in order to retain and stimulate business activity in the area. It will be a lively breeding ground not only for innovation but also for water-related activities that support the port and inland navigation. As a productive zone, the ISH project strengthens the link between city and port where offices are possible under certain conditions and in balance with the other functions. 



Katwilgweg, in Linkeroever, is a district where work is the focus. However, there is also space for learning, relaxing and living. It’s the perfect place for multimodal production, where SME and industrial activity can co-exist with office-like development. Offices are integrated into the district in a customised manner based on a local assessment framework that takes SME activity into account. 

Fosbury co-working space

Coworking and production spaces

Antwerp has a lot to offer when it comes to coworking and makerspaces. Coworking spaces provide flexible office solutions where you can host meetings and easily network with other entrepreneurs. A makerspace is a creative place where you can access machinery and techniques. 

When looking for an office space, a growing enterprise in Antwerp can find an inspiring range of flexible locations. These spaces can be business centres that rent by the square metre, or hip coworking and pop-up spaces with permanent or flexible premises. Thanks to modern technology, the community of ‘digital nomads’ is also catered for. They too can rent shared, public work spaces and meet each other.   

This also works for production spaces. A makerspace is a creative location where you can use machinery and old techniques, as well as the latest technologies, with or without guidance. It allows you to test your designs, create prototypes, develop new manufacturing processes, or produce initial batches. Or why not share a hackerspace, where like-minded individuals collaborate on projects? Let's take a look where you can find them.