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The best business locations in Antwerp revealed

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Selecting the right business location is a crucial factor for commercial success. In this article, we delve into why Antwerp stands out as a premier business destination, the added value that Antwerp’s various business hubs bring to your company, and how we can help you find your ideal location.
Mathias Plouvier

“By moving to Antwerp, we shifted up a gear in the cycling world.”

Mathias Plouvier - Classified Cycling

Is Antwerp a business hub?

Yes, Antwerp is definitely a business hub. Assessing the business viability of a specific city involves considering a multitude of factors: 

  • a strategic location  
  • spanning diverse economic sectors 
  • efficient connectivity 
  • thriving ecosystems 
  • modern infrastructure 
  • vibrant cultural scene 
  • various business-friendly policies 

Antwerp ticks all of the boxes. Industries like (sustainable) chemistry, health, digital innovation, and climate change all have a significant presence in the city.  


What are the best business locations and business districts in Antwerp?

Where should you look for the perfect strategic business location in Antwerp? First, check what the city has to offer in terms of affordable spaces.  

Here’s a quick overview of areas with great potential for your business in the greater Antwerp metropolitan area: 


Find your ecosystem

If you’re active in one of the ecosystems that thrive in Antwerp, choosing a location that gives you access to resources, offers networking opportunities and specialised services is a must. Here at Investdesk, we connect you with Antwerp’s hubs and ecosystems, looking for synergies for your business. We help to find the perfect location for your company to grow and prosper.


Fosbury co-working space

Office space tailored to your needs

Shared office space, co-working spaces, a traditional office? You’ll find it all in Antwerp. We guide you in finding the ideal, competitively-priced location for your business and connect you with co-working and makerspaces in the city. Good to know: we don’t act as an intermediary with potential location providers. Instead, we simply put you in contact with real estate companies and brokers. Our experts know which real estate companies own which properties. Work with us, and save a lot of time and energy.

Permits required for a business in Antwerp

Understanding permit requirements can be challenging, especially in a different country. Investdesk is happy to advise you on the required permits and legal obligations in Antwerp. Our team can provide guidance on licence or permit applications, pointing you toward the appropriate city department. 

We’re here to help, free of charge

Keen to establish or expand operations in Antwerp? You’ve made a great choice! Our experienced team is your first stop and partner in the process. And our service is free of charge.