Faculties in the spotlight
Design Science

The faculty offers specialised programmes in product development, architecture and renovation. Priority is given to an interdisciplinary approach to material culture, designs, and people and their surroundings.


The faculty looks at fashion as an expression of the emotions from our time , as a relationship between clothes, the body and society, as an artistic and creative enterprise.

Centre for Maritime and Air Transport Management

The main objective of the programme is to help executive staff members from transport-related companies and organisations (shipping companies, port authorities, terminal operators, airlines, airports etc.) to become top-notch executives and researchers in the field. It is specifically designed with an international audience in mind and aimed at individuals with a background in economics or management focusing on transport-related matters

Knowledge Community Creative Industries and Fashion Management

The knowledge community creativity and fashion managements goal is to deepen and develop actual knowledge for creative sector organizations. We use this knowledge to help organizations with the development and growth of their creative competencies.

Global Supply Chain Management

Today, the logistics sector is continuously increasing worldwide and supply chain functions are rapidly gaining importance in international companies. Antwerp being a large port city is the perfect place to learn about supply chain management. 


China-Europe business

If you want to enhance your hands-on management skills and competences, particularly in the Chinese and European market, this unique Master is ideal for you. A joint initiative of two leading business schools, this stimulating program will guide you in the discovery of your personal strengths and prepare you for a booming career in international business.