City of Antwerp supports Inopsys

Scale-up Inopsys specialises in industrial water treatment. The company developed a unique and sustainable technique that removes PFAS from wastewater with high efficiency. Thanks to financial support from the city of Antwerp, Inopsys’ R&D department at Antwerp incubator BlueChem devised an innovative solution that purifies high amounts of PFAS from wastewater.

City of Antwerp supports promising scale-up for PFAS removal

The PFAS issue (poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances) is a hot topic. As the worldwide impact of this group of very persistent chemicals becomes clear, new legal standards are emerging which will be no less than a hundred to a thousand times stricter than today's regulations. The current technique for PFAS removal from water relies on Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) but hits its limits. The city of Antwerp therefore supports robust innovations that can effectively and sustainably meet the new standards.

Ecosystem supports innovative start-ups and scale-ups

The scale-up Inopsys is fully committed to protecting public health and the environment through new forms of sustainable water treatment. The Inopsys laboratories are located in BlueChem, an incubator for sustainable chemistry of which the city of Antwerp is a partner, alongside essenscia, VITO and POM Antwerp. BlueChem is known for its thriving ecosystem that relies on the knowledge of first-class talents from different companies. It is an excellent example of how Antwerp is a breeding ground for innovation and actively offers growth opportunities to start-ups and scale-ups.

Innovative modular technique

Through innovative and CO2-reducing solutions, Inopsys processes wastewater and by-product streams from chemical and pharmaceutical companies. For that purpose, Inopsys develops mobile and modular installations that are deployed on site. Contaminated water and solvents are thereby purified, while valuable materials are maximally recovered.

Very high adsorption levels

Thanks to financial support from the city of Antwerp, Inopsys developed a compact purification plant with innovative adsorption material that can process more PFAS than ever, including even the most stubborn PFAS substances. On top of that, the material is reusable, which reduces costs but also generates less waste. This innovation therefore fits perfectly into the new climate goals.

Upscaling via pilot plant at Lantis

The results of months of testing in the BlueChem lab were promising and the upscaling in the pilot plant at Lantis' Oosterweel site has to validate those positive results. By the end of this year, Inopsys' technology should be all set to be deployed on contaminated sites. This will help speed up and improve the remediation of so-called blackspots in Flanders. Still, Inopsys, which has already a Swiss branch, aims to deploy this technology on an international level.

Therefore, the City of Antwerp supports these innovative applications by pioneering start-ups and scale-ups. Together with the expertise of innovative players and the support of the city, these growth companies can develop these kinds of essential and future-oriented technologies.

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