“Connecting international talent with businesses in Antwerp and Belgium: here’s our global directory."

Finding employment in Antwerp and Belgium posed numerous challenges for international talent in the past. Fortunately, there’s a positive shift as more and more companies now welcome international profiles. A soon-to-be-launched global directory promises to be the ultimate solution to the talent shortage, promoting a more inclusive approach. We spoke with Albert Segura Molla, the driving force behind this initiative.

© Albert Segura-head of Career Services at Antwerp Management School

Albert Segura Molla
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Albert, you are the head of Career Services at Antwerp Management School (AMS). What is your role?

“I empower talent in taking their first career steps, guiding our students to get closer to their dreams. I came to Antwerp to do a master’s program at AMS, which is one of Europe's top business schools. The school is very diverse: we have students of 42 nationalities every year on average. I am from Spain and have lived in Malta, the UK and India. After doing my master's here, I just couldn’t leave - there are many opportunities to grow a career in Antwerp. I’ve been here almost four years now.” 

Right now, you are working hard on this new global directory. What is it exactly? 

“In 2024, we’re launching this global directory, a website, where we will feature and portray all Belgian employers open to hiring international talent. The idea is that all these talented people who want to work here will have a one-stop-shop where they can discover which companies are open to international profiles and what they offer.”

Why is there a need for such a directory?

“I interact with more than 100 global recruiting teams and HR directors, and when I ask them if they are open to international talent, only a handful say ‘yes’, which prompted me to find an alternative way to shed light into all the companies that are already open to international talent (which I see growing more and more) but are difficult. The biggest challenge for international talent is finding a job in Belgium, although they have all the skills. Language barriers and administrative procedures are obstacles for them. With this directory, they can instantly see which companies have openings, and so they can focus their job search on the right companies.”

And now you are looking for businesses to join the directory?

“Yes, I’m calling for all companies to heed this call. It seems a shift is underway; an increasing number of businesses are becoming more open and inclusive. They are willing to look at international profiles, and very rightfully so. There’s so much talent here in Antwerp. I firmly believe that this directory has the potential to change the way progressive and inclusive companies get exposure to top international talent and enhance their employer brand. Importantly, the directory is accessible to everyone seeking employment in this region. It’s not restricted to AMS graduates; anyone from around the world aspiring to work and live in the heart of Europe can explore the directory.”

The City of Antwerp is supporting this project. What does that mean for you? 

“I find that very inspiring. We are working on a long-term collaboration to make career opportunities for international talent more accessible in Antwerp and Belgium. I think it is very progressive that the City of Antwerp is willing to go the extra mile and work together on innovative ways to solve the gap of opportunities for all talents. It’s very recommendable that they endorse and sponsor this directory. Every business featured in our directory will get substantial traction for their job openings and career opportunities. With such a large audience, companies shouldn’t hesitate to sign up.”

Are you considering hiring international talent? Get featured in this global directory of pioneering companies open to all talents.