You may know that Antwerp is Europe’s second largest port. Or that the city is a world-leading diamond centre. Or that it’s the birthplace of quirky fashion. You may even have read in Michael Pye’s widely acclaimed book, ‘The Glory Years’, that in the 16th century Antwerp was as sensational and international as New York was in the 20th century.

Actually, it doesn’t matter how or what you know about Antwerp. What matters is its people. For just as the river Scheldt has always flowed through the city, entrepreneurs, investors and its residents have been drawn to Antwerp for centuries. It is they who inspire and set things in motion. In golden years and in dark times. And just as the city knows how to deal with the river’s constant ebb and flow, the people of Antwerp never give up. They keep on doing business and innovating in their own unique way. This exceptional drive, this creative energy, this inventiveness is illustrated here through the stories of people who, in their own way, contribute to the city’s success.

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