Antwerp, laboratory of fashion

Polygonal innovates the fashion world with tech

Wim Vanroose, scientist and Samira Lafkioui, fashion entrepreneur developed an online programme to make it much easier to design, adapt and share a pattern.


Brandon Wen

Last June the world renowned Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts said goodbye to its legendary head of the fashion department, Walter Van Beirendonck. After much speculation Brandon Wen was appointed as the new creative director, a clear choice from the academy towards fresh ideas and new paths for the department. We met with Brandon Wen just two weeks after the news had been announced, curious to get to know this creative free spirit and to hear about his ambitions. Read more...

Made in Antwerp: this sustainable shoe collection is a glimpse of the future

Fashionable, innovative and sustainable: to call this shoe collection exceptional is an understatement. These three striking pairs of shoes, boots and sneakers are made, designed and launched by Custom Territory, an Antwerp fashion collective. Thanks to the city’s strong focus on innovation, resulting in financial support for this project, Antwerp was the obvious location to launch this sustainable and circular collection. Read more...

Antwerp fashion student dresses Lady Gaga

Renowned popstar and fashion icon Lady Gaga posted a picture to her Instagram account of her wearing an outfit by Florentina Leitner, a recent graduate from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The singer let her more than 45 million followers know that she is a fan of Antwerp fashion. But how the city of Antwerp dress Lady Gaga? Watch the video...

Antwerp in film. As fashion capital, more than ever

Antwerp's status as a fashion city gets an extra push thanks to a new fashion film. MOMENTUM presents the creations of 50 promising international fashion students from the Arts of Fashion Foundation 2021 competition. Using Antwerp as catwalk, the makers underline the importance of Antwerp as a fashion capital.


Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp | Fashion Department

Antwerp’s Fashion Department is internationally-acclaimed and is the source for our reputation as a fashion city. Every year, exceptional talent that garners international coverage graduates from Antwerp’s Fashion Department.

The Academy is included in the top 10 unofficial rankings of world-class fashion programmes. The Fashion Department gave the city a strong past and an active and creative present, in addition to being the breeding ground for future talent.

The city provides robust support to this academic training programme, which is a mainstay and anchor of our fashion city.

MoMu | Fashion Museum in Antwerp

The ModeMuseum or Fashion Museum is one of the 10 most beautiful fashion museums in the world. Located in the heart of the Fashion District, it presents a unique perspective on (international) fashion culture. The museum’s reputation is used to introduce contemporary Antwerp designers to international visitors.

MoMu is a very dynamic museum. It presents two temporary exhibitions every year. For each exhibition, the space is completely transformed to engulf visitors in the world of the designer or the theme.

MoMu collects, conserves, studies and exhibits Belgian fashion. The museum houses an impressive collection of more than 30.000 items. The scientific literature on fashion in the MoMu library belongs to the absolute world top.

Antwerp enjoys a special status in the fashion world. As a small city, it has managed to cement its position for several decades, alongside such international powerhouses as Paris, London, Milan and New York. Our city has acquired this status thanks to the strong reputation of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, the MoMu fashion museum and the creativity and innovativeness of fashion entrepreneurs who were trained in Antwerp. The city also has a unique and qualitative retail offering.

The city of Antwerp seeks to continue this legacy and developed targeted actions to cement and grow its position as an international fashion city. Capitalizing on bottom-up initiatives from the anchors and the market, the city aims to cultivate an environment of support for emerging talent and entrepreneurship while strengthening Antwerp's brand image in fashion on a local and international level.

OUR FASHION PLAN 2022 - 2025