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Antwerp economic and innovation powerhouse

We can talk a lot about Antwerp and why you should invest here but what convinces more than our latest figures.

A warm welcome. Antwerp awaits you

Discover the myriad opportunities that innovative Antwerp offers your business in this comprehensive brochure.

Why Antwerp?

Antwerp is a cosmopolitan city with a small footprint in the heart of Europe. It’s located right on the crossroads where northern and southern cultures meet, which makes the city the ideal testing ground for new products, designs or retail concepts. Compared to other European cities, living and working in Antwerp is still cheap. Here, you will find all the tools for success, right at your doorstep. Networks, infrastructure, competences and support organisations are available at a metropolitan scale, but with the easy access of a compact town. In short; Antwerp is a city big enough to matter, small enough to care.

Connecting in location

Roads, waterways, air traffic, railways, … every major European logistics chain passes through Antwerp. We’re the continent’s best connected city, with office space to spare. Discover your new home right now.

Business Services

Antwerp. The epicenter of business services in Flanders.

More than 20% of the total added value in business services in Flanders is generated in the city of Antwerp. The city is responsible for over 25% of all employment in business services in Flanders.

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Quality of Life

The city you’ll love to live in

All major retailers are fighting each ohter over top spots on our shopping streets. Our cultural heritage is extensive. It’s in our clubs and theatres that new trends are invented. And you should see what our brand new schools look like ...


A plug & play city, connecting in business

Setting up shop in Antwerp means plugging into a network of large and small scale companies that has been growing for centuries. It’s a perfect place to forge partnerships and build successes. We’ll welcome you open-armed.

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Quality of Place

We offer affordable spaces

Don’t start your office hunt in Antwerp too soon. With this many new offices being built all over the city, you may end up with a lease even before you’ve first set foot on our soil. Sales office, R&D lab or high-tech production facility – we’ve got it all.

People & Talent

We are a city packed with human capital

There are twenty universities within a two hour drive from Antwerp. Nowhere else can you find this many highly trained people, with such high productivity scores in such a small area. We’re the human capital capital of Europe.

Creative minds

Antwerp is a creative pool

The Antwerp Six once were for decades the city’s most famous creative export product. But they’re merely the tip of the iceberg. With talented artists and companies specializing in innovation, design, media and music, Antwerp is a thoroughly creative city.