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Support to make your business climate-proof

The City of Antwerp’s Investdesk supports you and your business in taking a proactive approach to climate measures. With its sights set on Net Zero by 2050, the city is committed to its Climate Plan 2030 and is making its way towards this goal by means of numerous climate-related initiatives.

These proactive measures include invaluable advice and support to business owners, as well as financial incentives and subsidies in various crucial areas such as: 

  • Construction and renovation  
  • Energy efficiency  
  • Consumption 
  • Production 
  • Green spaces and nature preservation 
  • Material reuse 
  • Heat stress mitigation 
  • Air and noise pollution remediation 
  • Food waste valorisation 
  • Responsible water use 
  • Etc. 

The City of Antwerp is also actively developing a cutting-edge digital marketplace specially for businesses. This innovative platform connects businesses with climate technology suppliers in order to help them navigate the intricacies of the energy transition and alleviate their financial burden.