Office rental prices

Prime rents for office space 
City Prime Rents
London (West End) GBP/sq.m/yr 1097
London (City) GBP/sq.m/yr 700
Paris (CBD) €/sq.m/yr 900
Paris (La Défense) €/sq.m/yr 525
Frankfurt (CBD) €/sq.m/yr 540
Munich (CBD) €/sq.m/yr 474
Amsterdam (South Axis) €/sq.m/yr 450
Dusseldorf (CBD) €/sq.m/yr 342
Brussels (EU Leopold) €/sq.m/yr 320
Lyon €/sq.m/yr 305
Marseille €/sq.m/yr 260
The Hague €/sq.m/yr 230
Hamburg (CBD) €/sq.m/yr 360
Rotterdam €/sq.m/yr 235
Antwerp €/sq.m/yr 165

Source: The DNA of Real Estate Europe, Fourth Quarter 2020, Cushman & Wakefield


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